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For a Better World
EAT The main goal of OASI Burger is to offer a menu made of quality food mainly recognized for its tastiness. Each dish is the result of a meticulous research effort, which has the aim of being able to serve meals that are both quick and delicious. In order to reach this goal, all our ingredients are free from chemical preservatives and contain no artificial colourings, sweeteners or flavourings, as we believe what we eat has to be both tasty and not harmful to our health.
FIGHT The idea behind OASI Burger is to fight those that are among the main negative aspects of fast-food chains. The biggest issue of all is industrial meat production, which subjects animals to cruel and unnecessary treatment, and is incompatible with the evolving world we live in. For this reason, besides removing meat from our menu, OASI Burger supports the Farm Animal Sanctuary ( in its battle to help the animals. Livestock production is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, OASI Burger wants to counter this by preparing burgers with plant-based ingredients and supporting Friends of the Earth ( through the Work for Good platform. OASI Burger also fights against food waste by supporting Plan Zheroes ( in its work of redistributing surplus food to local charities
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2019 Oasi Burger – 138 - 139 Shoreditch High Street – London E1 6J3

CHANGE How can an intensive animal farming system that is unhealthy for those it feeds, cruel to animals and reckless to the environment last in the long term? Besides being unnecessary, all this belongs to an obsolete era that we are overcoming thanks to the increasing understanding and awareness of the people. The world evolves and fast-food evolves with it. OASI Burger wants to be part of this change because life belongs to those who are moving towards the future.